Build Alpha MVP Mobile Legends | Build Alpha Terbaik?

 Setelah memainkan beberapa pertandingan, menurut saya Alpha dapat dibangun sebagai berikut untuk menjadi MVP:


Sesuai urutan:

1) Swift Boots (Untuk kecepatan serangan)

2) Thor's Sting (Untuk farming lebih cepat)

3) Tooth of Greed (Life Steal)

4) Blade of Destruction (Critical Damage)

5) Blade of Despair

6) Blade of Despair

Bagikan juga build Anda untuk Alpha karena build saya masih jauh dari kata sempurna! 🙂

I got Alpha via 32,000 battlepoints and plunged in immediately to test him out! So this is just a ranked match to showcase some gameplay of Alpha but...

I admit that I am noob at using Alpha so I ended up losing the match. But he's a cool hero to play around nevertheless xd

The opponent also has Alpha and plays way better than me so maybe his build and style can give you guys a better idea =P

Be sure to get this cool hero and share your thoughts on him as well! 😀